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Name death
Number of Archive records 24
Number of Library records 2
Number of Object records 3
Number of Photo records 4
Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

1994.80 - 1994.80.42

Card. Commenmeration. Joel W. Ranger. Died Mar. 12, 1889. Age 71 yrs.

1996.70 - 1996.70.01

Program. "Celebrating The Life of Agnes Wilson Ayres Walters". April 24th, 1897- June 18, 1996. Central Presbyterian Church, Lafayette, IN. Agnes was a life long resorter who retired to Leland. Her family cottage was in Indiana Woods. See Agnes Walters donations.

1996.97 - 1996.97.03

Newspaper Clipping. Sumner R. Gain - "Barber" - Death. From Leelanau Enterprise. Jan 30, 1958.

1998.23 - 1998.23.01

Program. "In celebration of the life of Ross Frederick Lang" - Bron March 25, 1938, Died April 25, 1998. 2:00 PM April 26.

Image of 2010.06 - 2010.06.04

2010.06 - 2010.06.04

AP Wire announcing the death of Robert F. Kennedy on June 6, 1968. Reads: "FLASH-LOS ANGELES, KENNEDY DEAD"

Image of 2010.06 - 2010.06.05

2010.06 - 2010.06.05

Memo explaining the news release of AP Wire annoucing the death of Robert Kennedy. Reads: "Message on Associated Press teletype service. Sen. Robert F. Kennedy shot in Los Angelos by Sirhan Sirhan"

1971.12 - 1971.12.03

Location of Civil War veterans in cemeteries in Leelanau County

Image of 1987.04 - 1987.04.03

1987.04 - 1987.04.03

Memories booklet. From the funeral of Mary Drow Ribble. White embossed cover. c, 1942 and newspaper clippings. Prayers

1987.57 - 1987.57.01

County Deed. 12.5"x 8". For burial plot (Block 29) of Omena Cemetary. Sold to Mrs. J Tatch. 2nd June, 1899. Signed by S.C Garthe, Chairman R.E Campbell, Clerk, Leelanau County Irene Akey's (donors) maiden name is Tatch.

Image of 2008.10 - 2008.10.01

2008.10 - 2008.10.01

Memorial service booklet for William M. Grogan Jr.

Image of 2007.27 - 2007.27.03

2007.27 - 2007.27.03

Certified copy of the record of death for Joe Manitou, died October 6, 1912 in Solon Township in Leelanau County at the age of 110 years old. The date of the record is April 11, 1913. According to family members joe was actually born about 1817.

Image of 2007.27 - 2007.27.05

2007.27 - 2007.27.05

Certified copy of the record of death for a premature unnamed baby born to Frank Francis Manitou and Anna Larsa, died July 10, 1920 in Solon Township in Leelanau County. The date of the record is September 6, 1920.

Image of 2007.27 - 2007.27.06

2007.27 - 2007.27.06

Certified copy of the record of death for Quincy Manitou, died August 14, 1895 in Solon Township in Leelanau County at the age of 6 years old. The date of the record is July 21, 1896.

Image of 2007.27 - 2007.27.04

2007.27 - 2007.27.04

Certified copy of the record of death for John Manitou, died October 20, 1920 in Solon Township in Leelanau County at the age of 80 years old. The date of the record is April 30, 1920.

1999.61 - 1999.61.04

Certificate. Purple Heart awarded to Staff Seargant Alden Lackie. Alden Lackie died 07/31/1942. Signed by the Major General, the Adjutant General and the Secretary of War.

1999.61 - 1999.61.05

Certificate. President's Memorial awarded to Alden Lackie, who died in the Southwest Pacific Area July 31, 1942. Signed by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

1999.86 - 1999.86.02

Manuscript. Obituary of John Peters by Erhardt Peters. 7 pp. photocopy.

2000.53 - 2000.53.05

Album, funeral. White leatherette cover, embossed with gold ink "abiding memories." Plastic spiral bound pages. Lists details of funeral of Eugene Kropp on 12/16/1952.

2000.53 - 2000.53.oo

3 folders- Letters from Eugene Kropp to his parents, clippings from Eugene before his death, and clippings and letters to Eugene's family after his death. Eugene Kropp was the son of Wilbur and Evelyn Kropp. He lived in Leland Township and graduated from Leland High School in 1947. He was the only Leelanau County soldier killed in action during the Korean War. His military service lasted from Jan-Sept.22, 1952. See accession worksheet or box for list of items.

Image of 2003.18 - 2003.18.08a-c

2003.18 - 2003.18.08a-c

(a) Articles include: The 50th wedding anniversary of John and Almira Densmore, the parents Mr. A.E. Densmore. The wedding of Charles Ferris and Lily Lacore. Chas Ferris was the son of Adelice Ferris, who was John White's second wife. She (Lily) is burried at the cemetery just out of Empire. (b) Articles include: The obituary of John D. Olcott (December 14, 1825). The Obituary of Alfred S. Richards. The obituary of Mrs. John D. Olcott (February 12, 1830). The obituary of Adelia M. White, second wife of John White (November 22). The obituary of Elizabeth H. Wilson White, the first wife of John White (January 6, 1882). The marriage of John White and Libbie Densmore (August 1903). The obituar