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Name Teacher
Number of Archive records 34
Number of Library records 15
Number of Object records 4
Number of Photo records 32
Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

1991.39 - 1991.39.

Tape, audio cassette. "Edmund Peters: Life Story". Interview by Laura Quackenbush on 12 July 1991. Edmund talks about growing up in Leland, and his teaching career.

1991.74 - 1991.74.

Tape. Audio Cassette. "School Teaching." By Edna Otto Dame interviewed by Louise Bremer on Oct. 20, 1991

1991.79 - 1991.79.91

Newspaper, clipping. "Leelanau County School Directory of Officers & Teachers." 1929-1930. From Leelanau Enterprise. 7 November, 1929.

1993.43 - 1993.43.01

Tape, Audio Cassette. By Vera Goos. Personal history of school teaching and living on South and North Manitou Islands and quilting.

1995.53 - 1995.53.01

Manuscript. "Experiences of ans Island School Teacher" by Myrtle Kelderhouse Warner- read at one of the South Manitou Picnics.

1995.66 - 1995.66.01

Tape, Audio Cassette. By Elizabeth Vingness who was a teacher at the Sunshine School. Larson Family. Vingness Family.

1995.89 - 1995.89.01

Tape, Audio Cassette. Ruth Lorraine Richardson on teaching in a one room school.

1996.07 - 1996.07.01a-b

Tape, Audio Cassette. Interview with Lucille Barratt about her experiences as a student at Kelderhouse School and as a teacher at shetland and other schools.

1996.09 - 1996.09.01

Tape. Audio Cassette. Edna Dame. Early school days. Some life on the farm. Mothers teaching career. **Black in White large photo of Mrs. Dame can be found in the Archives Room- Newspaper Rack- On the Lower Right Hand Side - Box with according accession number on it.

1996.14 - 1996.14.01

Tape. Audio Cassette. Olive Flaska. Experiences as a teacher at Miller Hill School, a Bohemian school and Welch school. - On Accession Sheet in handwriting: "The school Mrs. Flaska calls Bohemian was Greendale, according to Janitor Johnny Musel. The earliest school was called Bohemian settlement school and was on the Kucera (?) farm. Mrs. Flaska also taught at a school she called Welch (probably Springdale)."

1996.18 - 1996.18.01

Tape. Audio Cassette. Sarah M. Schmidt. Attending School, teaching in one-room schools.

1996.30 - 1996.30.01

Tape, Audio Cassette. Hilma Larson Nelson on her family and teaching in a one room school.

1996.33 - 1996.33.01

Tape, Audio Cassette. Loretta Miser on one room school experiences, student at Newman School and teacher at Clearbrook School with some family history.

1996.49 - 1996.49.22

Record, School. Bound book formated for school district records. Contains minutes of annual school Meeting (Leland District #1). 1894-1901. Teacher contracts, school census, etc.

1975.03 - 1975.03.01 c

Card, commemorative. Handwritten on embossed paper. "A token of remembrance from your 4 eight[h] grade pupils of school district No. 7 Suttons Bay Michigan."

1980.07 - 1980.07.10

List of teachers in Leelanau County 1880-1890s.

1986.01 - 1986.01.01

Booklet. "List of teachers who are qualified to teach in Leelanau County in September 1900." By J.O. Duncan Commissioner- Suttons Bay, MI.

1988.26 - 1988.26.07

Book. Teacher's Plan book. Used by Conrad Gronseth when he taught school.

1978.04 - 1978.04.06

A geography with maps and pictures- black and white containing sections on: The earth, continents, countries, and colonies, races of men, plants, animals, commerence, the United States and Groups of states.

1988.26 - 1988.26.05

Book. "Teachers Everyday Plans - Autumn Number." Used by Conrad Gronseth when he was teaching.