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Name Summer Home
Number of Archive records 0.0
Number of Library records 1.0
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Number of Photo records 9.0
Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

Image of 2009.06 - 2009.06.02a-b

2009.06 - 2009.06.02a-b

Two discs containing 30 images of scans taken from a photo album belonging to the Locy family. Contains photographs taken during summers spent in East Leland, Michigan and from Evanston, Illiniois.

Image of 2007.35 - 2007.35

2007.35 - 2007.35

A historical and photographic documentation of 50+ cottages located on Glen Lake. Includes sections on cottage life, the first settlers, summer tourism, early years on the lake, local resorts, how the cottages were built and maintained, summer recreational activities (fishing, swimming, sailing, boating, dune cars, golfing) and the establishment of family traditions.

1993.60 - 1993.60.01

Photo Postcard. Summer house at Leland Country Club. Print Photos were donated in Honor of Jessie Mahoney's Grandfather, Lewis G Crosby, Brother-in-law of E.C Wilder (Founder of Leland Country Club)

1958.25 - 1958.25.02

Photograph of the Bornique summer home on North Manitou Island. Information with photograph: " Alvar and Mary Bornique, who lived in Chicago every winter, spent summers on the island, with their two daughters Elizabeth (Bornique) Bullard and Mary Louise (Bornique) Munnecke. Mrs. Munnecke was only a few months old when these pictures were taken."

Image of 1960.15 - 1960.15.07

1960.15 - 1960.15.07

Photograph of the road in Indiana Woods, located in Leland.

Image of 1966.21 - 1966.21.02

1966.21 - 1966.21.02

Photograph, Bridgeman Camp living room. This was their summer home with a stone fireplace and the canvas drawn up, also no walls.

Image of 1968.20 - 1968.20.11

1968.20 - 1968.20.11

Photograph, the Worden family summer home on the east shore of Lake Leelanau. The home was built by T.G. Worden or Joliet, Illinios. He was a former summer resident of North Manitou Island. This information came from a memory of an old neighbor.

Image of 1968.20 - 1968.20.13

1968.20 - 1968.20.13

Photographic postcard, the sunset over Birchcroft, the summer home of the Linebarger family which is barely visable on the right. This is Worden's Point on the east shore of Lake Leelanau.

Image of 1968.20 - 1968.20.14

1968.20 - 1968.20.14

Photographic postcard, the Birchcroft fireplace. Birchcroft was the name of the Linegarger family's summer home in Leland.