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Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0756

2004.25 - 2004.25.0756

View of inland lake

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0772

2004.25 - 2004.25.0772

Lake Michigan

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0480

2004.25 - 2004.25.0480

Dunes and bluff looking toward what appears to be Pyramid Point.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0492

2004.25 - 2004.25.0492

Birchs on the shore of what appears to be Lake Michigan. A wind is blowing the birches and causing white caps on the water.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0482

2004.25 - 2004.25.0482

Photo appears to be of Pyramid Point as seen from out in lake Michigan.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0484

2004.25 - 2004.25.0484

View of Lake Michigan from the top of a bluff with the tops of a tree in in the foreground.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0488

2004.25 - 2004.25.0488

Snow-filled road through the trees in Winter.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0489

2004.25 - 2004.25.0489

View of an inland lake which seems to be Glen Lake from a very high point looking toward a low area which might be a low area separating the inland lake from Lake Michigan.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0494

2004.25 - 2004.25.0494

Photo shows a thickly wooded, very steep hill that might be somewhere down near the area around Sugar Loaf or further south near the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0495

2004.25 - 2004.25.0495

Village of Leland as seen from Whaleback in summer.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0497

2004.25 - 2004.25.0497

Inland lake, wooded shore.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0498

2004.25 - 2004.25.0498

Lake Leelanu from the top of a hill, looking south.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0509

2004.25 - 2004.25.0509

A plowed field lightly covered with snow at either the beginning or the end of the day.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0515

2004.25 - 2004.25.0515

Young orchard at lakeside in winter.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0516

2004.25 - 2004.25.0516

View of a young lakeside orchard in winter with what looks like Lake Michigan in the distance.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0526

2004.25 - 2004.25.0526

Looking across the "commons" in Leland toward Round Top in the later part of 1800s or early 1900s. Photo shows the distinctive geometric or "round" shape of a knoll on otherwise flat land which has led some to believe that this was a man-made land shape created by prehistoric peoples who made such mounds as a artistics or religious statement. The note with the photo states that "Round Top" is directly in line with the Lake Leelanau Narrows and may have been seen there and far beyond.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0529

2004.25 - 2004.25.0529

Photo of the commons at the northern end of Leland, showing what appears to be an acre or more and then some large, white buildings in the distance that must be the town, buildings that may be commercial in nature as well as some family homes.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0531

2004.25 - 2004.25.0531

View of Lake Leelanau from Whaleback with possibly a flag on a pole in the middle ground and in the foreground something that looks like it might be a split-rail fence and, possibly, a garden of corn about waist-high or maybe just weeds, something like vabascum thapsus, commonly called great mullein.

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0532

2004.25 - 2004.25.0532

Photo shows many, many seagulls in the foreground on something that looks like a shipwrecked dock, or a lost load of square logs and what is presumably lake Michigan in the background.