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Name Kitchen
Number of Archive records 4.0
Number of Library records 1.0
Number of Object records 77.0
Number of Photo records 3.0
Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

1994.78 - 1994.78.01

Tape. Audio Cassette. "The Kitchen Band." How band was organized, activities, members. Photos from negatives in Oral History File - The Kitchen Band. Located in the Archives Storage Room (Oral History Vertical FIle) ** SEE 1994 DOCUMENT FILE for more info on the Kitchen Band

1994.83 - 1994.83.01

Tape. Audio Cassette. The history of the Kitchen Band and members. The Kitchen Band-The Friendship Center - Suttons Bay. By: Beatrice Priest. Margaret Skeba. Betty Vingness. Hilma Nelson. Dorothy Mork. Rita Kiessel. Jean Youker. Jean Philo. Betty Mann. **Black in White large photo of the Kitchen Band with instruments can be found in the Archives Room- Newspaper Rack- On the Lower Right Hand Side - Box with according accession number on it.

Image of 2009.11 - 2009.11.12

2009.11 - 2009.11.12

A matchbook style 'booklet' of pre-gummed and perforated labels for canning jars. The existing labels in the package include grape, blackberry, apple, marmalade, crabapple. The booklet was sold for 5 cents.

Image of 2009.11 - 2009.11.13

2009.11 - 2009.11.13

A cookbook from The Homestead at The Leelanau Schools, written by Garnet Olsen. The illustrations were created by Mary Purser. The book is dedicated to Skipper and Mrs. Beals.

1989.39 - 1989.39.03

Shirt, Dress. White cotton, collar-less french cuffs. "The 5th Avenue Shirt."

1989.39 - 1989.39.04

Apron. White cotton dimity, plaid pattern. 3" hand-crocheted lace insert, 6" border. Lace on ties.

1989.39 - 1989.39.05

Apron. White linen, 3.5" hand-crochet lace border.

1989.39 - 1989.39.06

Dress. White linen with bobbin lace insert.

1989.39 - 1989.39.07

Collar. White cotton, cutwork embroidery. Woman's.

1995.46 - 1995.46.01 a-c

a. Grinder, Meat. "OVB" No. 7. Food Chopper. Wedding gift to Isabelle Plamondon Hahnenberg. Also used by Rita Egeler (Donor) - Lake Leelanau resident. b. Handle for above. c. Fly-nut for above.

2002.36 - 2002.36.01

Tin cutter with handle.

2002.36 - 2002.36.02

Tin cookie cutter without a handle.

2002.36 - 2002.36.03a-b

Round tin mold with open bottom.

2002.36 - 2002.36.04a-e

Round tin mold with open bottom.

2003.12 - 2003.12.03

Metal food processing mill with wood handles.

2003.12 - 2003.12.04

Metal spice mill.

2003.12 - 2003.12.05a-b

Two pieces: (a) Frame; (b) Cylinder.

2003.12 - 2003.12.06

Steel whisk with red painted wood handle.

2003.12 - 2003.12.07

Aluminum handle with bristles.

2003.12 - 2003.12.08

Steel beater with wood handle.