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Name Farm
Number of Archive records 41.0
Number of Library records 1.0
Number of Object records 16.0
Number of Photo records 54.0
Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

1990.23 - 1990.23.65

Letterhead. Paper. "Rolling View Farm, Octave Primeau, Prop. Rural Route Number One, Northport, Mich., July 23, 1914. Dear Christine;"

1990.41 - 1990.41.04

Manuscript. Paper. Typewritten. "Auto-biography of Frank Hahnenberg, 1964." 15 Pages. Photo on inside of front cover (See photo inventory - 90.41.04a.

Image of 1991.79 - 1991.79.111

1991.79 - 1991.79.111

Certficate, Registration. "Certificate of entry of cow". American Guernsey Cattle Club. Name: Empire Betsy's Surprise" 19/Dec/1920.

1991.79 - 1991.79.115

Receipt. "Leelanau Township Farm Bureau". 10/Sept/1926.

1993.06 - 1993.06.01a-b

Tape, Audio Cassette. Interview with Adolph Viskochil about Viskochil Family HIstory, Bohemian Settlement, Shalda School, Adolph's Career, Growing up on the Farm in Centerville Township. Also see 91.27 Black and White large photo can be found in the Archives Room- Newspaper Rack- On the Lower Right Hand Side - Box with according accession number on it.

1993.47 - 1993.47.01

Tape, Audio Cassette. By Michaeline Pleva. Personal and family history, life ona farm, and life in Cedar.

1994.05 - 1994.05.01

Tape, Audio Cassette. Ed Kahrs about growing up on the farm, early school experiences, and East Leland Community.

1994.70 - 1994.70.01

Tape. Audio Cassette. Mary Rufli on her personal and family history. 97 years old. Lived her life in the county.

1998.12 - 1998.12.01

Tape, Audio. George Fredrickson and Norma Fretheim on the Fredrickson Farm.

1999.06 - 1999.06.01

Tape, audio. Oral History by Joy Kalchik. Recollections of growing up on a farm in Leelanau County. Topics covered include family, education, marriage, rural electrification, rural phone system, and future of Leelanau County.

1994.57 - 1994.57.01

Sylvester Novak was born in Cedar, MI, 12/16/1911. He tells of his experiences on the home front living in Cedar, MI during WW II. He was exempt from military service because he took care of his family's Cedar, Michigan farm and took care of his parents. Holy Rosary CHurch Then- Now. Listening copy: cassette tape

2005.38 - 2005.38

Louise (Virt) Belanger was born in Cedar, MI. in 1926. One of nine children, she was twelve years when Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7, 1941. An older brother served in WWII. Louise's husband, Sam, served in WWII and shared some wartime stories with her while they were dating. She relates storeis about life on the farm in Cedar, MI where had they had no electricity or radio. Listening copy: CD

Image of 1985.31 - 1985.31.01

1985.31 - 1985.31.01

Painting of Probst Farm 21 5/8 x 16 1/8 " by Hans. W. Anderson. Purchased in 1950 Catalogue #16

1987.14 - 1987.14.45

Certificate. "National Dairy Association" National Honor Roll. Awarded to Garthe Brothers 10-13-26. Seal lower left corner. For the yearly production of 304.? pounds of butterfat"

1987.14 - 1987.14.46

Certificate. "Michigan State Horticulture Society Certificate of Life Membership" Awarded to Seth Garthe 3-4-44 (1944?) #1621

Image of 1991.79 - 1991.79.126

1991.79 - 1991.79.126

Letter of owed payments from Garthe, Seth to Atlantic Railway Co. With copy of Freight Bill. Shipping apple and potatoes.

Image of 1991.79 - 1991.79.142

1991.79 - 1991.79.142

Official Inspection Report. United States Dept. Of Agriculture and Michigan. Garhe Brothers in Northport. Grade: 92% U.S _____? One 7/27/53

1991.79 - 1991.79.125

Letter, typewritten. Charles Gauthier of Garden, MI to Seth Garthe asking for 2 barrels of apples to be shipped to his address. Oct. 20, 1920


Booklet. Michigan By-Laws of Cherry Growers. Traverse CIty, MI. Act 84, of Public Acts 1921

1991.79 - 1991.79.139

Booklet. Michigan By-Laws of Cherry Growers. Traverse CIty, MI. Act 84, of Public Acts 1921