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Name Duck Lake School
Number of Archive records 1
Number of Photo records 7
Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

Image of 2004.18 - 2004.18.01

2004.18 - 2004.18.01

Brief autobiography by Erhardt Peters, written while attending high school at Leland.

1998.44 - 1998.44.01

Photo, Laser Copy. Duck Lake School students. Snow scene. Teacher: Elizabeth Plamondon Popp Students: Belanger, Albert; Belanger, Elmer; Luczek, Donald; Luczek, Florence; Luczek, Gladys; Luczek, Margaret; Sadergreen, Dale; Sadergreen, Judy; Sadergreen, Warren; Flaska, Clarence; Plamondon, Clement; Dufek, Lester; Dufek, James; Dufek, Loyd

1998.44 - 1998.44.02

Photo, Laser Copy. Duck Lake School Students outside the school in winter.

1998.44 - 1998.44.03

Photo, Laser Copy. Duck Lake School students outside the building. Print

Image of 1982.01 - 1982.01.01

1982.01 - 1982.01.01

Album, photograph. Photo of Duck Lake School House on cover. Lists school officers, district officers, and students by grade level with accompanying pictures. DISTRICT OFFICERS Director: Halmond, George Treasurer: McKercher, Mary Moderator: Peters, Dick SCHOOL OFFICERS President: Schaub, Elizabeth Vice president: Richard, Isabell Secretary: Arnold, Beatrice FIRST GRADE Schaub, Cecilia Arnold, Hannah Zeits, Mary SECOND GRADE Arnold, Thomas THIRD GRADE Schaub, Edward FOURTH GRADE Belanger, Elizabeth Belanger, Orisin Price, Dorothy FIFTH GRADE Zeits, Frances Schaub, Lawrence Richard, Isabell Arnold, Beatrice SEVENTH GRADE Richard, Peter Belanger, Reuben Zeits, Philip

Image of 2004.25 - 2004.25.0321

2004.25 - 2004.25.0321

Moving Duck Lake School.

Image of 2013.11 - 2013.11.79

2013.11 - 2013.11.79

Winter view of "Duck Lake School", a one room school house. School building is white with possible bell tower projecting from roof. School has main structure with smaller attached entry? room. Woods, wood pile.

Image of 2013.11 - 2013.11.80

2013.11 - 2013.11.80

Winter view of Duck Lake School. Building has two front and back appendages and out building with surrounding trees.