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Name Cottage
Number of Archive records 14
Number of Library records 1
Number of Object records 2
Number of Photo records 90
Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

1997.57 - 1997.57.02

Manuscript - Photo Copy. "The Story of the Cottage at 606 Lake Street, Leland Michigan"

Image of 2010.07 - 2010.07

2010.07 - 2010.07

Book "Long Ago on the Leelanau: A Lake Michigan Cottage 1924-1928" This book was sent to Claudia Goudschaal just after she died in November 2009. It was her intention to accession it. I have done so, but I don't have any contact information to go with it. Probably donated by Madge Drummond and Kent Drummond Shifferd. The first three pages are scanned and attached here.

Image of 2008.05 - 2008.05.04

2008.05 - 2008.05.04

An article from The Indianapolis Star about Al Capone vacationing in Leland, Michigan at the Heartease cottage on Lake Michigan. It also includes information about the English and Prince families, who had connections to the cottage.

Image of 2005.75 - 2005.75.01a-b

2005.75 - 2005.75.01a-b

Letter written by Karl Detzer to Lisus regarding life in Leland.

Image of 2005.83 - 2005.83.157

2005.83 - 2005.83.157

Manuscript written by Barbara Trueblood Abbott describing the story of how her family started coming to Lake Leelanau from Freeport, Illinois during the summer and their travels to get there. She also gives details about the interior of the cottage and certain aspects of daily life there.

Image of 2005.83 - 2005.83.143

2005.83 - 2005.83.143

Newspaper article from the Leelanau Enterprise containg a letter written by Roy H. Steffens about his early memories of Leland and East Leland.

Image of 2003.18 - 2003.18.06

2003.18 - 2003.18.06

Price sheet for rates and rentals of cottages, room and board, fishing, deer hunting, turkey hunting and shipping charges on North Manitou Island. Prices effective January 1, 1977.

Image of 2003.18 - 2003.18.07

2003.18 - 2003.18.07

Price sheet for rates and rentals of cottages, room and board, fishing, deer hunting, turkey hunting and shipping charges on North Manitou Island. Prices effective January 1, 1978. It is noted that the island was under threat of condemnation by the National Park Service for the inclusion in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

2003.48 - 2003.48.02

Brochure with vacation information, history, scenic highlights in Leelanau, seasonal information, and a map of Leelanau County.

Image of 2001.32 - 2001.32.01

2001.32 - 2001.32.01

Handbill advertising the rental of the Greycote Cottage in Leland.

2015.10 - 2015.10

Remembering how Al Capone had a cottage in Leland, as well as his ties to Leland told through old articles and residents' recollections.

Image of 2005.71 - 2005.71b

2005.71 - 2005.71b

Photo album pages from an album belonging to the Lemke Family. Phtographs of various locations around Leelanau County, particularly cottages.

Image of 2009.06 - 2009.06.02a-b

2009.06 - 2009.06.02a-b

Two discs containing 30 images of scans taken from a photo album belonging to the Locy family. Contains photographs taken during summers spent in East Leland, Michigan and from Evanston, Illiniois.

Image of 2007.35 - 2007.35

2007.35 - 2007.35

A historical and photographic documentation of 50+ cottages located on Glen Lake. Includes sections on cottage life, the first settlers, summer tourism, early years on the lake, local resorts, how the cottages were built and maintained, summer recreational activities (fishing, swimming, sailing, boating, dune cars, golfing) and the establishment of family traditions.

Image of 1990.36 - 1990.36.03

1990.36 - 1990.36.03

Photo. Interior of the Blackledge Cottage. Window seat corner and decoration. 35mm negative. Print

Image of 1990.36 - 1990.36.05

1990.36 - 1990.36.05

Photo. Interior of the Blackledge Cottage showing another corner with fishnet decoration. Print

Image of 1990.36 - 1990.36.11

1990.36 - 1990.36.11

Photo. Blackledge Cottage. Copy of a postcard. Print

1992.08 - 1992.08.04

Postcard. Homewood Cottages. Northport. Print

Image of 1993.60 - 1993.60.08

1993.60 - 1993.60.08

Photo Postcard. Fron view of cottage. Print