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Name Coffee
Number of Archive records 2.0
Number of Library records 0.0
Number of Object records 9.0
Number of Photo records 1.0
Updated -4712-01-01

Associated Records

1987.43 - 1987.43.39

Coffee Filter. (Paper napkin?) For sale by F.B CLARK Suttons Bay, Mich

Image of 2003.48 - 2003.48.15

2003.48 - 2003.48.15

Newspaper clipping with article written by Mark Vittert about the International Coffee Club of America, a club that brought together locals and summer residents in Leland, Michigan.

1987.20 - 1987.20.17

Coffee roaster. Iron 17" L 6 1/2 dia. Ball Frame for roaster. Ball opens on hinge. "J.P Peterson, Rockford Ill, Pat Pend. 1892."

1987.25 - 1987.25.01

Mill, Coffee (grinder). Metal with wooden knob. Red painted. From Bill Carlson's Family (?).

1990.55 - 1990.55.01 a-b

Mill, Coffee. Metal, red. Grinder "Pat July 12, 88" . On base - "Enterprise Mfg. Co. Philadelphia, PA Patented Oct 21, 1878." Coffee was purchased from Mrs. Johnson of Leland. They had a store in the building that is now the Harbor House. (b) Drawer. 8.25" X 6.5" X 2.75" deep. Wooden with porc. handle. "No 7".

1991.20 - 1991.20.99

Mill, Coffee. Black painted iron, handle has a wooden end. c. 1940 "Universal. 01" on cup. "L.F & C. New Britain, Conn. U.S.A." side front. Was used by the Abbott family in the east and at the house/cottage in East Leland.

1994.63 - 1994.63.01 a-i

a. Coffee Maker. Percolater. Alcohol heater. Metal (Unknown). Bronze colored. 2 Black handles and spout. Found at the Mitchell cottage when Giltners purchased it in 1933. b. Fuel Container for heat under pot. 3" high X 3" wide. Hole for cap to fill alcohol. Screw for turning metal wick up or down. c. Screw top. 1" X1" to cover wick. d. Stand for fuel holder and coffee maker. e. Percolater stem. f. Percolater stem cover. g. Percolater stem strainer. h. Glass bowl. i. Bowl cover.

2001.29 - 2001.29.05

Tin can, deep red with yellow flowers and picture of cargo ship. Net weight: 5lbs.

2003.58 - 2003.58.01

Aluminum pot with black bakeolyte handle; Percolator type.

2005.27 - 2005.27.01

Round, enameled metal cup with handle; Beige color with green trim around the cup's rim and handle.

Image of 2008.12 - 2008.12.06

2008.12 - 2008.12.06

Grey graniteware with a tin top lid and a wooden handle.

1991.58 - 1991.58.10

Photograph Joe Sutton driving the Leland Coffee Club Float Print