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Name Dougal, Cynthia
Updated -4712-01-01
No Objects 6

Associated Records

Image of 2005.18 - 2005.18

2005.18 - 2005.18

Rectangular basket with straight, wicker-weave walls and checker-weave base; Ring handle below rim on one side; Brown standards wtih natural weavers; Carved ash reinforcment around rim.

2005.27 - 2005.27.01

Round, enameled metal cup with handle; Beige color with green trim around the cup's rim and handle.

2005.27 - 2005.27.03a-b

Rectangular cardboard box; Inside top of box is game board; Red, yellow, blue and green wooden pegs (approximately 38 pieces for each color).

Image of 2005.27 - 2005.27.04

2005.27 - 2005.27.04

Checkerweave black ash basket; Dyed red, blue, yellow, orange and green strips; Wrap handle on one end.

Image of 2005.27 - 2005.27.05

2005.27 - 2005.27.05

Round wicker curled splint black ash splints; Green and orange wicker on natural standards and brown curled splints.

2005.27 - 2005.27.06

Round wicker basket with aqua blue standards and dark blue and yellow weavers; Splits are dyed on outside only.